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TRAINING VIDEOS: reCommerce 2.0 Overview - 8 videos included.

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  • TRAINING VIDEOS: reCommerce 2.0 Overview - 8 videos included.

    This section will help you get started in setting up Liberty4 to work with your reCommerce 2.0 website. Please checkout all the videos included in this article to gain a clear understanding of how reCommerce 2.0 works and what will need to be done to get started. If you haven't already registered, please click here for a short video that will help you through the registration process.

    Note: Depending on your internet connection, some videos may take a few minutes to load and play.

    Part 1 - Getting Started
    The following playlist covers the ShopRW Settings in the eCommerce Options windows. It also explains what requirements and options can be applied to items and covers an overview of the storefront items screen in its entirety. There are multiple parts to this video which will play continuously. These videos provide a detailed walk-through of how to prepare your items and get them ready for your ShopRW website. Learn how to add extended descriptions and pictures

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src=";hl=en_US" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Note: If you are missing the marketplace field or any other field shown on the item entry screen, you will need to click Task > Edit Layout from the item entry screen. A window will appear that will allow you to select a field name and click a button that reads "show field" in order to have that field appear on the item entry screen.

    Example image of the edit layout window:

    Part 2 - Setup shipping options for reCommerce 2.0
    These videos go over the different shipping options available to you. They will explain how you can setup calculated and fixed shipping methods and how configure your shipping options.

    Part 3 Setup payment methods for reCommerce 2.0
    Learn where you can configure your payment methods. Heartland, PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon Checkout and Gift Certificates.

    Part 4 Overview of reCommerce 2.0 administration area
    This playlist provides an overview of the reCommerce 2.0 administration area. Learn where how you can quickly orders, products and general options.

    Part 5 Overview of reCommerce 2.0 customer area
    This playlist provides an overview of the customer area for your reCommerce 2.0 website. It simply explains each area of the homepage that customers will see when they visit your website.

    Part 6 Overview of reCommerce 2.0 Smart Template options
    This playlist provides a brief overview of the Smart Template options. It will explain what some of the options can change on the homepage and what features can be turned on and off.

    Part 7 Overview of reCommerce 2.0 Resaleworld options
    This playlist explains each of the options added to the admin area by Resaleworld. It describes what each option corresponds to on the website and different way the options may be configured.

    Part 8 Order Manager
    How to process downloaded orders from reCommerce 2.0. The Order Manager module is used to process online orders that originate from your reCommerce website and eBay. This playlist provides an overview for beginners on how to process orders and update the status of those orders.

    We hope you found these videos helpful.
    Angel Vazquez
    Web Developer