In order for this to work you will need to have the following option selected in the Smart Template options screen from the admin area. Click Settings > General Settings > Modules > Smart Template Options from the admin area.

Make sure you have the following options set exactly as I have them appearing in the image below.

Now we have to hunt down the file we need. From the admin area search for the following file:


Starting from the top of the file, look for the following piece of code:

The new code should appear like the following image:

This change will ensure that the page will ALWAYS default to a multi-column view, but it will also still allow the customer to use the product-list switcher to revert back to row view if they wish. If you prefer to still have the switcher removed then read on...

In order to default the product view to multi-column with the smarty template, you will need to have this feature enabled from the smart template options screen. If you want the layout to always appear in a multi-column view while also hiding the product layout switcher then you will need to locate the following file.


Starting from the top of the page, search for the following piece of code.

You will now need to comment out everything within the "if" tags to exclude the switcher from being displayed on the website. Add "{*" to the beginning of the code and "*}" to the end as shown in the image below. I recommend also including a note within the text being commented out to remind you why you made the edit.

I hope this helps!