If you need FTP access to your ShopRW website, you will need the following information. Please note that there are multiple third part FTP programs that may be used, but the following information may be required by all for you to gain FTP access to your ShopRW website files.

1. Your ShopRW admin username and password that is provided immediately after the store owner has registered for the reCommerce in the Welcome email.

2. When creating a new host connection in your FTP program you will need to choose FTP - File Transfer Protocol as the service type.

3. The port number is the standard FTP port 21.

4. Your logon type will be Normal and you will need to enter your ShopRW admin username and password where prompted.

5. If your URL address is http://myconsignmentshop2.shoprw.com then you will only need to enter myconsignmentshop2.shoprw.com as the host name.

Example of FileZilla FTP Program:

Hope this helps!