Please read the following article for an explanation of what a Clean URL is.

**NOTE** Clean URLs will be enabled by default for all reCommerce sites created on or after 7/24/2013

Here's how to enable Clean URL

reCommerce 2.0 has the ability to enable Clean URLs for use with static pages.

Part 1

Log in to your ShopRW admin page and click on Settings > General Settings > SEO

Scroll down and check the box that reads Enable Clean URLs.

Scroll back up the page and copy ALL of the text in the quote box.

You will then need to paste the copied text into a blank text file using Notepad.exe. Name the file .htaccess. Login to Plesk and click on File Manager:

Click the httpdocs link, then click the Add New File link:

Browse to the htaccess file click the open button (you will now see the path to the file next to the browse... button, then click the OK button:

Part 2

To apply Clean URLs to static pages, use descriptive names for your pages that make sense. Static pages can be found in the admin area under Content > Static pages.

Click on any existing static page name or click the Add new button to create one. You may now enter text into the Clean URL field.


Which appears much better than:

Hope this helps!