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Customize Smart Template Footer - UPDATED!

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  • Customize Smart Template Footer - UPDATED!

    Before making any changes, please make sure to make a copy of any text you plan to edit or remove.

    This article will show you how to customize the footer .tpl file. The footer refers to the bottom of your ShopRW page. By default, the template will show some sample links that may be modified which is later explained.


    Log in to the administration page.
    Click Content then Edit Templates

    Click the smart_template/ link

    Click custom/link
    Click footer.tpl link

    The following screen will allow you to edit the footer .tpl file.

    The green highlighted areas in the image below represent the title of the first menu and the first link of the same menu. You can edit the highlighted entries in the.tpl file to edit the text on your ShopRW page.

    To change the titles, simply edit the text that reads ABOUT, INFO, LEGAL or FOLLOW US in the .tpl file. The example below shows exactly what value would need to be edited if you wanted to change the INFO title to something else.

    After clicking Save the change should be immediate. Refresh your ShopRW page to see the difference.

    If you plan to add target webpages to the menu links you can try the following approach. Highlight one of the existing links you plan to modify. You will need to highlight the same text shown in the example below. Do not remove the < li > < /li > tags.

    Replace ONLY the highlighted text with the sample text below:
    "" target="_blank">Visit Resaleworld!

    The change will quickly appear on your ShopRW after you save changes.

    Don't forget to replace the URL link with your own website address and the link message that reads Visit Resaleworld! in our example. When a customer clicks on the link they will be redirected to the specified URL web address.


    Should you choose to remove an entire menu, simply highlight the same line for the correct menu you wish to remove from the page and delete it. The example below shows the ABOUT menu section along with its links being removed completely.



    If you would like to remove a specific link from a menu you will need to remove the entire text line for the link you need to remove. The image below shows an example of what text will need to be deleted to remove the link that reads "View Our Auctions".


    The quickest way to add additional links would be to copy the entire text line to another link and paste the text directly above or under another line of text that refers to a link. The following image shows where I copied the text from an existing link so that I would only be left with having to edit the URL address and link title.


    In the same .tpl file you will also see the reference to the FOLLOW US menu. This menu is slightly different because the links are already tied to the appropriate targets.

    The above example shows where you can enter your Constant Contact Subscribe link. A quick way to locate your subscription link would be to open an email that was sent by Constant Contact and click on the "Join our Mailing List" button.

    Copy the entire URL link of the webpage the subscribe button directs you to. That URL link will need to be entered into the highlighted field referencing the newsletter link as shown below.

    Hope this helps!
    Angel Vazquez
    Web Developer