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Using Webmaster Mode

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  • Using Webmaster Mode

    The Webmaster Mode feature will help developers locate where changes need to be made to customize the template and other areas of the site.

    Here is how to you can utilize this feature:

    1. Log in to the Shoprw Administration area. This will typically be the sites URL address with /admin added to the end of the URL address.


    2. Click Tools tab then Webmaster mode

    3. Click the Start Webmaster Mode button

    4. Click on the Open customer are in new window link

    5. A new window should open with the homepage, you should also still see the debugging console. The debugging console provides a list of .tpl files that correspond to sections of the template you currently have. It will help you determine which .tpl files need to be customized to implement new changes.

    More information on Webmaster mode is provided on XCARTS FAQ website:
    How to work with 'webmaster mode'?

    Webmaster mode allows you to edit templates within the admin interface. You may edit language variables (denoted as "$lng.XXX" in templates) by changing those values in WYSIWYG mode.

    1) Before entering the webmaster mode, close any template windows & label windows. Enter your admin zone, go to the 'Administration' menu, 'Webmaster mode' page. Click on 'Start webmaster mode' button.

    2) The additional "templates" window will appear. It displays the list of templates composing a current page. You can call the template editor from this window by clicking a template.

    3) Go to the page you want to change. To define the right template, look at the browser status line (at the page bottom). When the mouse is pointing at some text, this status line indicates the corresponding template and label.

    4) To change a label, click on it. If the label is under a hyperlink, move the mouse over it and press "e" (Edit) on the keyboard. The label dialog will appear.

    5) After you set a new label content you can

    (a) preview the site with the changed label,
    (b) save the text in the database, and
    (c) copy the label name into the clipboard (IE only).

    6) The webmaster mode is based on sessions: it applies only to the computer it has been set up on. I.e., when the 'Webmaster mode' is launched, it isn't displayed at the customer's end and doesn't affect the store performance. The changes will show up only after the admin clicks on 'save' button.

    7) To quit the webmaster mode, go to admin zone, to the 'Administration' menu, 'Webmaster mode' page. Click on "Quit webmaster mode" button.
    Note: Note:Webmaster mode will not work with compiled templates.

    For additional information about Webmaster mode please refer to this article.
    How to mark up all our product prices at once?

    You can use the below SQL query to mark up all the product prices, let's say 20%:

    UPDATE xcart_pricing SET price=price*1.2;

    The query can be applied on "Patch/Upgrade" page in X-Cart admin back-end:

    After the patch is applied, please force (re)generation of cache files and quick tables via the 'Summary/Tools' section of your store's Admin area.
    Note: It is recommended to back up your X-Cart database before applying SQL patches.

    Hope this helps!
    Angel Vazquez
    Web Developer