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  • Consignment, Resale, BOR, Thrift owners forum

    First, I tried emailing but it came back to use the forum. Then I tried Private Messaging, it said that was disabled.. So, I thought I'd post here. Please delete if it's against "the rules". I could not find the rules section.

    As you probably know, Kate over at has shut down her "sharing" board which was a great wealth of information to consignment, resale, bor, thrift stores owners, managers, etc as well as people researching the business. Once she announced her decision that it would not be back, I knew there was a need and so I created a forum for "us".

    I am inviting you & your companies wealth of knowledge over to participate(as well as anyone else). When you go to the forum index, you will see the very first space is "Forum Rules"... This explains what each type of membership, from Guests to Registered Members to Business Members abilities and expectations are. There are both "free" and "supporting" membership options. We do require registering to help weed out those that aren't actually interested.

    The website is
    I hope to see some or all of your staff over there! It would be beneficial to both Resaleworld as well as the members over on the forum.

    Thank You for your time,
    Jonathan Stefani

    Please delete if this is not allowed. Otherwise, I would like to thank Resaleworld for allowing me to post it.

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    Jonathan, thanks for passing along the information. I'm sure there are a lot of members on this message board that have questions pertaining to subjects other than the Liberty software. Good luck with the forum!
    Alex Sliment
    Support Manager

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    Fax: (407)297-0640

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      I am not sure if this is the palce to ask but here it goes, I won a consignment store and do buyouts (where we purchase items not consign) I want to open an account to track the sales of the buyouts. How do i do this? I opened a regular account where we own 100% of the sales since it is not a consignment but it is not tracking the +/- sales. Not sure if I described this well but can someone help me. Thanks