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Wrong consignor information

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  • Wrong consignor information

    In looking at the transactions on my consignor (who just walked in the door), I realized that somehow it states I purchased her items outright. Not sure how that happened as it states she is a consignor w/default A - 50%. I have sold some of her items and I need to change all of this information, please help me figure this out.

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    The Aquisition Type:

    In order for this to happen... you would have entered a cost value...?


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      Wrong Aquisition Type

      Once an item has sold as Purchase for the acquisition type, you can only credit or debit the account to correct.

      From the consignors transaction screen, you will need to calculate what her actual cost amount should be. Once you have figured out what the amount is, you can then Add or Deduct money from the account as needed.

      To prevent this from happening again, you will want to be sure the account itself has Consign set as the default for Form of Acquisition.

      Chaning the default setting on the Account Details screen would only effect new items added to this account. You will still need to check the other existing items on the account to ensure that the correct Acquisition type is selected on them. Open each item and check to see what the auisition is set to.

      You will notice that once an item is saved, you can NO longer change the acquisition. So again, you could debit or credit the account as needed on a case by case as the items sell. You could also void any affected items then re-enter the items again, this time choosing the correct acquisition type.

      Keep us posted!
      Angel Vazquez
      Web Developer