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Due to the increase in call volume during our normal business hours because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Saturday and Sunday support was temporarily closed. Technicians were re-allocated to assist with the calls coming in during normal hours.

We are re-opening Saturday Emergency Support on August 8th, 2020, with Sunday Emergency Support to follow on a later date.

Please check back on for any changes in this announcement.
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Gift Cards

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    Can't give you an exact date, however, we have stopped making changes to the 3.6a code and it is now being tested in a few stores. Once we get back a clean bill of health, we will send out.

    I am as anxious as you. It will be shortly as we are trying to get out before the heavy gift card season arrives upon us.

    As far as credit card processing, I hope you are switching to X-Charge. There is a new integration module for them in this release. It's very clean and more importantly, gives you the option of going to a signature pad should you choose to go down that line. Very nice...!
    Hope this helps!!
    Ed DiRuzza


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      gift cards


      Is version 36A available for download? Am I able to use pre printed gift cards with the new version?

      Can I order gift cards from any source? Is all I need a barcode on them?



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        Currently, 3.6a is available as a beta download. We don't have it published to My Resaleworld as it's still in the beta testing phase. This is a pretty significant release in that, credit card processing has been completely overhauled. We want to make sure this is properly vetted before we make it live.

        Outside of that, all the other changes are stable, including Gift Cards. If you're interested, I can add you to the beta forum here on our Message Board. We ask that our beta testers provide feedback during testing, so if that's something you'd like to participate in, let me know!

        Here are the Release Notes for the upcoming 3.6a release...

        Issue #6368 outlines the new Gift Card changes. You can use cards from pretty much anywhere! We've made the Gift Card support very open - you get a text field that allows you to type, scan or swipe a card number into it...

        Liberty then stores that Gift Card # in its database...

        In my example, I just typed 9999888877776666 into that field. So this could be used for paper gift cards/certificates you've printed out, each with a unique number and without a bar code or magnetic strip. You can also scan a bar code that's been printed on the back of your gift card or if your card has a magnetic stripe, you can swipe it into this field.

        Once Liberty has stored that Gift Card #, it tracks the initial amount assigned and each transaction (whether it be a transaction that depletes OR replenishes the card), thus keeping track of the available balance.

        We're working with a few partners and we're looking into various Gift Card solutions that Resaleworld can offer.

        As far as X-Charge, we've been utilizing X-Charge for credit card processing for quite some time. X-Charge has made some changes to their programming interface, which allows applications such as ours to become PCI compliant. We're also right on track with signature capture and it's already up and running in-house. It's a pretty deep feature, so we won't be including it in the 3.6a release. 3.6a will bring in support for the latest version of X-Charge (all Liberty users will need to be on X-Charge 7.0 or above when the new version of Liberty is released), which will set the stage for the upcoming signature capture enhancement.

        Let us know if this helps or if you have any other questions!
        Resaleworld Support

        ***Don't forget to search the forum first! There might already be a post that resolves your issue!***