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How To Reset An Items Quantity

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  • How To Reset An Items Quantity

    As of version 4.6 of Liberty there is a "Reset Item Quantity" feature for Client/Store items. With this feature, it is possible to correct the quantity of an item without posting out each one. This option can be accessed by right-clicking an entry on the Inventory grid (Tab 2 of an Account). "Rest Item Quantity" will only show up as an option for items with a quantity higher than 50. Resetting an Item's Quantity does create an entry in the Support Log file, however it doesn't leave any audit trail within the Liberty Database, thus there is no reporting available for this feature. In the example below the item has a quantity of 56. By performing a right click of the mouse on the selected item the menu window appears. Next select Reset Item Quantity.

    The Number Input window will appear. Here is were you will enter in the correct quantity and select OK.

    The item will now reflect the correct quantity.

    Alex Sliment
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