As of version 4.6 of Liberty 4 you can now add a web fee to an item. A Web Fee is an amount added to the online purchase price of web items. Web Fees are applied to reCommerce items as well as Fixed Price & Store type eBay listings. Web Fees effectively allow for items to be listed for a different price online than what they would ring up for in store. Web Fees are not split with consignors. Web Fees are not included in markdown calculations. An item price as $100 that includes a $2 Web Fee would be listed online for an initial selling price of $102. A 10% automatic markdown for this item would result in an online selling price of $92 (90% * $100 + $2). In the screen capture below you will see the price of the item is $50.00 with a web fee of $5.00.

The item is then synced with reCommerce and the price shows $55.00.

When the item is entered into the POS we see the selling price is $50.00.