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Due to the increase in call volume during our normal business hours because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Saturday and Sunday support was temporarily closed. Technicians were re-allocated to assist with the calls coming in during normal hours.

We are re-opening Saturday Emergency Support on August 8th, 2020, with Sunday Emergency Support to follow on a later date.

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Settings lost after upgrading to version 4.3a (or newer)

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  • Settings lost after upgrading to version 4.3a (or newer)

    Liberty 4, versions 4.1c and older (and Liberty 2002) store certain terminal-specific settings in the Windows Registry. These settings include database connection settings, all printer settings, and all layout settings for Liberty.

    Starting with version 4.3a, these settings are now stored in a configuration file, rwd.cfg, which is located in the C:\RWD\ folder. **NOTE** Never try to edit this file on your own. The formatting used in the file is very particular, and a single bad character can prevent you from signing in to Liberty.

    When Liberty is upgraded from a version older than 4.3a to a version 4.3a or newer, the installer will attempt to retrieve settings from the Windows Registry to use while building the configuration file. We expect this process to work flawlessly on Windows XP machines. We also expect this process to work flawlessly on newer versions of Windows that have been running with Windows' User Access Control (UAC) option disabled. On systems where UAC is running, it is possible that there could be complications that may result in settings not being imported correctly to the configuration file.

    When the installer detects that UAC is enabled, it will look to see if the registry Virtual Store for the current user has information necessary to connect to a Liberty database. If so, it will use these settings to build the configuration file. In such cases, an alternate configuration file (rwd_alt.cfg) will also be created. The rwd_alt.cfg file is build based on registry entries found in the primary registry hive for Liberty, found in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. If Liberty does not run after installing the update, and/or if certain settings are lost, you can try renaming the rwd.cfg file to something else and renaming the rwd_alt.cfg file to rwd.cfg.

    In a worst-case situation, where Liberty will not launch with either cfg file, you can run the database configuration utility (RWDBUtil.exe) to re-connect to the Liberty Database.

    Any settings that are lost (printers, layouts, etc) can be re-created within Liberty.

    Again, this situation will only arise when Liberty is upgraded from a version older than 4.3a to a version 4.3a or newer. Once you are up and running on 4.3a, future upgrades will not need to recreate the configuration file.

    If you are running Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 and UAC is enabled (or if you are not sure whether or not UAC is enabled), you can minimize the chances of issues by running the upgrading Liberty while logged into the Windows User that is typically used to run Liberty.
    Russell Levy
    Product Manager
    (800) 785.4800