I've heard of this issue happening time and time again, but have never been able to figure out a way to cause this. This issue pertains to the Retail Order History not matching the Quantity amount.

How can this happen?

1. Open a retail account and click on the Add Item button.
2. On the item entry screen, leave every field blank including the category field which MUST also remain blank.
3. Click on the receive inventory button and enter an amount to receive inventory.
4. You will receive a message that your missing a category.

5. Click OK and proceed to select a category.
6. Now click the receive inventory button again and enter an amount
7. Click OK

You will notice that the order history section does something crazy like double up the quantity that was entered as shown in image above. I have already submitted this for further review by development. IT# 6985

There might be other ways that this can be duplicated, if you know how then please share the exact steps so we can review them.