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Accessing other training videos located within the RWD folder.

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  • Accessing other training videos located within the RWD folder.

    Within the RWD folder, you should notice a folder named "videos".

    In this folder, you will notice quite a number of flash training videos that you normally would not be able to access within Liberty.

    If you are interested in viewing the material within this folder, you must first grab the latest flash player. This is especially important for Windows 7 users.
    This update is located at

    If you need more help installing this update, please take a look at Alex's post:

    After you have installed this update, you will need to associate the flash .swf files with Internet Explorer in order to view them if they are not already associated with the flash player.

    We do this by right clicking on the file, and then left clicking "Open With".

    Then, select the radio button associated with "Select a program from a list" and click "Ok"

    Now, you will need to select "Internet Explorer" from the list and make sure that the box next to "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" is check marked and click "Ok".

    After this, you will need to give Internet Explorer permission to open the video.

    Don't be alarmed if the video looks like it is cut off, you will need to maximize the window so that way you can view the video to it's full dimensions.

    From now on, you should be able to view the videos by simply double clicking on them and giving Internet Explorer permission to open them
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