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Advanced forum searching using "Tag Search"

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  • Advanced forum searching using "Tag Search"

    If you cannot find a thread or article you are looking for within the resaleworld forum, there is another type of search that you can run.

    We here at Resaleworld make an effort to insert meta tags within our threads/articles so that when you search the forum using tag search, you can find them by using simple search words relating to what it is you want to look up.

    When doing a simple search by signing in and accessing the search function within the forum, it is simply looking for what we put in the name of the thread, and not the specific tags we make for the article.

    If you can’t find what you’re looking for with a simple search, simply click on search within the forum, and then click on tag search.

    <img src= "" />

    Here, you can type in words relating to what you are trying to look up, and it will seek out threads/articles we have written containing tags relating to what you’re looking for.

    Example: Typing in “Next Item Number” without the quotations in the regular search will bring all articles/threads that have Next Item Number in the title. However, if you were looking for the Next Item Number Field, these articles might be irrelevant to you. Using tag search would allow you pick up threads/articles that might not have “Next Item Number” in the title, but are relevant to what you are looking for.
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