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How do I uninstall Liberty + Microsoft SQL Server on Windows 7?

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  • How do I uninstall Liberty + Microsoft SQL Server on Windows 7?

    Windows 7 looks a little different than previous versions of Windows. While everything is pretty much in the same place it's always been, the screens look a little different. As of 2010, Liberty is installed using a new installer. We're also including a newer version of SQL Server - 2008 Express Edition.

    Whether you had a failed installation or just want to uninstall Liberty from your Windows 7 computer, here is how you do so:

    1. Click Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program

    2. Double-click Liberty4 Consignment

    3. Remove should already be selected

    4. Click Next and wait for the uninstall process to complete (usually about 30-60 seconds). Once this has finished, reboot your computer. If you don't reboot, you won't be able to continue on to the next portion and you'll see an error.

    5. If you see the following entries for Microsoft SQL Server, double-click Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and then click Remove.

    SQL Server's Setup routine will check to see if there are any pending changes/issues. If it can uninstall, it will show 0 failures...

    6. Make sure Liberty is selected as the Instance to remove and click Next

    7. Click Select All and then click Next

    8. If all of the Removal Rules have passed, click Next

    9. Click Remove

    10. Once setup has finished removing files, click Next

    11. You'll see a final confirmation window that shows if the uninstall went through correctly...

    12. You might see a remaining component of SQL Server...

    To uninstall this final component, first reboot your computer.

    13. Double-click Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Native Client and click Yes

    14. If User Account control asks if you would like to let this program make changes to your computer, click Yes

    After installing/uninstalling any software, it is recommended that you reboot your computer.

    - As a safety precaution, we leave your Data directory on your hard drive. This is to ensure you'll have one final copy of your database, should you "accidentally" uninstall.

    Resaleworld Support

    ***Don't forget to search the forum first! There might already be a post that resolves your issue!***