As of 3.6a Liberty POS is now PCI compliant and ties directly into X-Charge's XpressLink Secure technology. PCI compliance is something all businesses that process credit cards need to be compliant with by 2010.

Before upgrading Liberty, PLEASE MAKE SURE you are on the latest version of X-Charge (7.0.1 or above) AND make sure you download and install X-Charge's XCClient utility (currently version 7.0.2b5).

Please visit or contact X-Charge for assistance with downloading and installing these updates. If you run X-Charge on more than one computer, you'll need to install the XCClient utility on each of those computers.

If you have multiple computers that act as Point of Sale stations, they'll need to be "pointed" back to the server. In Liberty's Point of Sale module, click Setup > Setup Credit Card Link:

Click the Configure XCharge button:

Single-user systems (those of you with only ONE computer running X-Charge) will leave your option set as Single User/Server. For your additional POS computers, you'll select the Client option. Enter the server's Computer Name and click Save.

If you need assistance with configuring X-Charge, please contact X-Charge Technical Support via 800.338.6614.