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  • Error: Table error

    If you receive the following message is very possible that your database may be corrupted and will need to be repaired by Resaleworld Support for a fee.

    This error could appear at any point, though this particular one occurred when trying to print an item list.

    Note: To analyze a possibly corrupted database, there is a $150.00 initial fee. If the database can be repaired, an additional $150.00 per hr. will be charged. In most cases databases may take up to 3 hours to repair depending on the amount of damage imposed.

    Note: This type of an error is extremely likely to be caused by hardware failure. The type of hardware failure is usually the very deep kind in which normal hardware tests will not pick up. There have been 5 occurrences of similar errors with SQL in the history of Resaleworld since using MS SQL. Of the 4 that have been completely diagnosed (last one just recently occurred), they have boiled down to a hardware failure. Whether it be the hard drive, hard drive controller, motherboard, etc. I remember one in which a tech had been out several times and could not find any issues with the hard drive. Ultimately, Dell went out, ran their more thorough tests and determined the HD controller itself was bad and was replaced on the spot. Any technicians that understand relational databases should understand that corruption is not easy. Running a normal 'scan disk' in windows will likely not find the issue in these cases.

    The power of a relational database is that it is not easy to corrupt it. While we can attempt to repair your data, the real question comes down to what caused the issue in the first place. Liberty itself cannot corrupt a MS SQL database. The controller will prevent that from occurring as that is the job of the SQL server and the controller. Since software relies on hardware to run, if the hardware is failing; then the software will tend to fail as well. For something as tight in security as SQL; it will often be one of the first things to notice deep issues as things start to not add up correctly.
    Angel Vazquez
    Web Developer


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    Lesson to be learned BACKUP!!! (Off Site)
    And On the Server - USE RAID