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Why did my account number change?

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  • Why did my account number change?

    This article applies to L2K2, L4C and L4TA.

    Liberty automatically assigns account numbers each time you add a new account. The account number is stored in the Account # field...

    An account number is not carved in stone, which means you can change it if you'd like. This is a feature of Liberty.

    This can create issues though, because anyone can change any client's account number - intentionally or not. You might intentionally change one and forget about it. More often than not, it is an accident when an account number is changed. e.g. someone "fat fingered" it, set a purse down on the keyboard, scanned a bar code while the cursor is in the account number field, etc. The thing to keep in mind is...

    Account numbers do not randomly change.

    If an account number has been changed, it has been changed by a user. Whether or not it was done on purpose, is the question. It is very easy to change an account number back to its original account number. Just open the account in question, click in the Account # field, type the account number you'd like to use, hit Enter on your keyboard and then click Save.

    Notice in those steps, one can't just change the account number and click Save? We have added this additional layer of "security" in hopes that it will decrease the chance for accidentally changing an account number. It still happens though, so if you'd like to truly make sure a user can't change an account number, you would use Application Security Levels. To learn how to setup Application Security Levels, please read this Message Board article.

    To recap:

    - Only a user can change an account number - Liberty will NEVER adjust/change/augment your account numbers on its own.

    - If an account number has been changed, you can change it back by opening the client's account and changing the number in the Account # field.

    - To ensure account numbers aren't accidentally changed, configure Application Security Levels to prevent certain users from changing account numbers. This is the only way to guarantee account numbers can't be accidentally changed.
    Resaleworld Support

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