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  • Gift Cards

    ***If you don't want to read the boring details***

    When ordering custom gift cards:

    - Ask for Track 2 format
    - Ask for 30 mil PVC card stock
    - Make sure your vendor will keep track of the card numbers you ordered, so your subsequent orders will pickup where the last number left off


    The boring details...

    As of version 3.6a, Liberty now supports gift cards! We are not offering gift cards at this time, but they can be purchased from a variety of vendors found on the Web. If you run a Google search for gift card printing, you'll find a variety of vendors that offer gift card printing (a very common service offered by POS supply vendors).

    You can use gift cards that have bar codes OR ones with magnetic stripes. Chances are, the latter are going to be less expensive as the vendor does not have to print a custom bar code on the back of each card. Also, printing on the reverse of a card usually costs extra. If you would like to utilize gift cards that have a magnetic stripe, you would need a card reader (a very inexpensive add-on for a resale store).

    As far as technical details go, when ordering custom gift cards, there is really only one question a vendor is going to ask - "which Track format would you like the card coded in?" Liberty supports the Track 2 format (the most common; used in credit cards, retail gift cards, etc.)

    Everything else is relatively superficial. There are different types of card stock, ranging from sort you'll see insurance cards printed on to the heavier stock ones that feel more like a credit card. If you're looking for the heavier, credit card style, it's typically referred to as 30 mil PVC stock.

    Also ask your vendor if they will be keeping track of your order for you. For example if you order 100 cards numbered as 50001 through 50100, when you go to place your next order, will your vendor know that your next card number should start at 501001? Chances are your vendor will keep track of your card sequence for you, but it's something worth mentioning.
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    ***Don't forget to search the forum first! There might already be a post that resolves your issue!***

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    Gift Cards - work GREAT! Found small company w/excellent service

    I found a great resource for custom made gift cards. The company is USA Perfect Imaging Co. Their website is, phone number is 800.394.1065. You can order as little as 100 cards, there is no setup fee and Darrell Gregg Jr. is great to work with! The cards come with a magnetic stripe to be read through a card swipe, or optionally, you can add a bar code that can be read by your bar code scanner. There is a slight additional fee for the bar code printed on the back, but you can also have terms or other info printed along with the code for the same additional price. The turnaround time is fast! After receiving a sample, and testing it with Liberty, I placed my order the day before Thanksgiving, and received them Dec 3 (I paid for 2-day shipping).

    All you need is to upload a .jpg of your design, let Darrell know you need Track #2 (for swipe) and optionally, Code 39 barcode.
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