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Changing the default split for only new items using price code manipulation.

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  • Changing the default split for only new items using price code manipulation.

    In some cases, you may decide to change the default price code split for the store but do not retroactively want to change the split on pre-existing items.

    We will need to create a price code mimicking the old default price code.
    In this example we will use an old default consignment split of 50/50 changing to a 60/40 split.

    You will need to go to Tools > Price Codes.

    In this case, the default 50/50 price code is "A".
    Click on "Add" at the top left and then create an exact replica of price "A".
    You will want to make sure to copy the split, markdowns, item fees, Pickup/expire options etc.

    For this example, Price Code "D" will be the duplicate of Price Code "A".

    After this has been done, we can then make our changes to the original price code "A" to reflect a 60/40 split.

    We must then move all current inventory that is on price code "A" to "D" in mass.
    This is so that this inventory doesn't start using a 60/40 split and can retain the original 50/50 split.

    To do this, we must first click on Activities > Inventroy > Change Item Price Codes

    Make sure to have "Range of Account" selected and in the from account field, input "1" while the to account field will read "9999999999"
    This is so that every item in every account will be picked up.

    Under "Change this price code", select price code "A" or the original price code you changed.
    For "To this price code", select Price code "D" which is the new price code you created to mimic your old default split.

    Next, make sure the "And" date range is set to today's date or else when you click "Ok" the program will not change any price codes.
    1/1/1980 to 1/1/1980 is the default date range set so that an employee doesnt accidentally change your price codes in mass.

    Once this is set and you click ok, you should be good to go!

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