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Adding an exception for Liberty to Avast antivirus

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  • Adding an exception for Liberty to Avast antivirus

    Occasionally, we've run into instances where Liberty software is detected as a potential virus by various security softwares. In such cases, critical Liberty files can be placed into a quarantined state and rendered unusable. This is what is know as a false positive. Usually, the vendor for the security software will release an updated virus definition list within a few days that removes the false positive from the list. When the software is as important to your business as Liberty is, it's not practical to wait for the other software vendor to release an update. Fortunately, most every security software package includes an exclusion list - a list of files, folders, or websites that are to be omitted from scans.

    The following is an article that Avast has published detailing how to create exceptions in their software. The article is relevant to Avast 2014, however most recent versions should be similar enough for the steps outlined in this article to be useful:

    If you are experiencing issues with Avast antivirus quarantining Liberty files, follow the instructions in the article about, and create an exception for C:\RWD\*
    Russell Levy
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    To add to Russell's post, it is best to add the exception for "C\RWD" in two places if you are still experiencing issues with Avast deleting the RWD executable, there are two places.
    You must add an exception to the list located under "Auto Protect" and also under the normal "Anti-virus" area under settings. You must then go to the Avast chest or quarantine area and have avast restore the RWD exectuable.
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