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Error 525: Unable to load report OpenPrintJob <PROpenPrintJob>.

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  • Error 525: Unable to load report OpenPrintJob <PROpenPrintJob>.

    Should you see Error 525: Unable to load report OpenPrintJob <PROpenPrintJob> when running reports follow the steps below:

    Use Windows Search to search for files matching "crpe32.DLL" to locate the file on the machine. (Usually located in C:\WINDOWS\system32)

    If you come back with no results to display search for files matching "crpe*.DLL" to locate all Crystal Reports DLL files on the machine. (This will find any file beginning with "crpe" and ending with "DLL" no matter what comes between them.)

    Once you have located "crpe32.DLL" and its location you will need to do the same thing on a computer where you are not getting this error. Copy the "crpe32.DLL" file onto a flash drive. Paste the file into its proper location on the computer where you are getting the error. Say yes when it asks you to override the file.

    Reboot the computer and you should be able to view reports now!
    Resaleworld Support

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    error 525 - new report

    Hi Cara,

    I'm getting the error 525 when I try to run a report that a local crystal wizard has made for me (translations into dutch etc). He used Crystal Reports version We're only getting the error when trying to run that specific report - the rest works fine and it;s the same on all our computers - I've tried the method you described, but that doesn't seem to help. Any suggestions?
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      I am further updating this post for customers using a windows server with remote desktop services.

      Each user account on a windows server has a user profile with an individual windows folder. The crystal DLLs need to be dropped into a folder called CRYSTAL within each user profile created on the server.

      Copy the CRYSTAL folder from C:\Windows\System32.

      Go to C:\Users\<InsertUserName>\windows and paste the folder to this directory.

      In the event that the CRYSTAL folder is not there, you can do a system wide search for the CRYSTAL folder and make sure that it is placed in both the C:\Windows\System32 and C:\Users<InsertUserName>\Windows\ locations.
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