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  • DEMO Mode

    When Liberty is first installed, if no Serial # or an incorrect Serial # is entered, the program will be in DEMO Mode Mode. This mode still allows for the functionality of Liberty, but restricts the amount of Client Accounts that can be created (20) and restricts additional Client PCs from connecting to the Server. Liberty will also prompt each and every time the software is launched, if the correct or no Serial # is/was entered.

    To verify if your Server/stand-alone PC is in DEMO Mode, open Liberty. Once you are logged in, click Help > About. You will see towards the lower right-hand side, information such as an RSW ID, Store Name, etc. If above this, it says DEMO, then you are in DEMO Mode.

    The Serial # is only to be entered on the Server. You DO NOT need to enter the Serial # on the Client PCs - these PCs "authenticate" via SQL Server, so if your Server is out of DEMO Mode and you are unable to connect your Clients to the Server to validate this Serial #, make sure your Windows Network is configured properly and is able to resolve both Computer Names as well as Computer IP Addresses. Also make sure your Clients are pointing to the correct Server Name/IP Address. You can check this in Liberty via Help > Support > Database Settings.

    To resolve this, follow these step by step instructions as follows:

    1. Click Help > Enter Serial Number
    2. Clear out/delete the RSW ID and re-enter the RSW ID, making sure it matches the information our Sales Department sent
    3. Clear out the Store Name and re-enter the Store Name, making sure it matches the information our Sales Department sent
    4. Clear out the Tag Name and re-enter the Tag Name, making sure it matches the information our Sales Department sent
    5. Double-click in the blank Serial Number field - delete the Serial #. Re-enter the Serial Number, making sure it matches the information our Sales Department sent
    6. Click OK

    You should now be out of Demo mod. Just head to Help > About and you should see your license information...

    If you do not enter your information verbatim (i.e. CAPS, spaces, syntax, etc.), then the program will remain in DEMO Mode. This information must match what Sales has entered into your Account information here @

    If after entering and verifying this information, you are still in DEMO Mode, then one or more portions of your license information have not been entered correctly. Make sure you haven't added an spaces or punctuation - e.g. MyShop must be entered as MyShop, not My-S h o p.
    Resaleworld Support

    ***Don't forget to search the forum first! There might already be a post that resolves your issue!***