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Data Corruption

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  • Data Corruption

    Since the advent of Liberty 2002, all of our products utilize Microsoft SQL Server to manage data. This means, Liberty NEVER touches the database directly. MS SQL Server is a Relational Database Management System, which by design, does not allow applications to talk directly to the database. Rather, programs communicate with the database engine - i.e. MS SQL Server, MySQL Server, Oracle, etc. - and the database engine acts as a "police officer" of sorts.

    It is because of this that RDBMSes are very resilient and do not encounter data corruption - not very often at least.

    I've been with Resaleworld for nearly 6 years now and the only instances I have seen lead to data corruption are:

    - Hardware Failures ~ Failing hardware, at least - failing hardware that is corrupting a database that's managed by MS SQL Server - is difficult to troubleshoot. We've seen all-too-many techs grab a "diagnostics" CD and run it against the system. This doesn't always mean that other areas - such as the Hard Drive/Disk Controller - is being checked. I have personally worked with two customers that were ultimately experiencing a HDD Controller failure. The companies they had purchased their PCs from, local techs, etc. all failed to find the culprit. Knowing how resilient MS SQL Server is, we kept with them on this issue. In the end, both cases ended up with a confirmed "bad" HDD Controller that was leading to the corruption and subsequent re-corruption of the database. Once the HDD Controller was replaced, the issue was resolved.

    - Power Failures ~ ALL of your computers, particularly the server that runs Liberty + MS SQL Server, should have their A/C power cable plugged in to the battery side of a battery backup (UPS). The times when customers' systems have NOT been connected to a UPS and either A) the power failed or B) the system was stopped (e.g. hitting the power button, disconnecting the power cable, switching a surge protector strip 'off', etc.) it led to the corruption of the database.

    In both of the above cases, it *MIGHT* be possible to repair/recover the database. We cannot guarantee data recovery, but we offer data recovery services (as outlined in our la carte Support Support Pricing -

    We also offer a "Database Checker" utility, available for FREE download via > Support Center > Utilities.

    It is imperetive that you have a backup of your database at all times. In the event of a total system failure, recovering the data might not be possible. This is a case when one needs to restore from a recent backup. Make sure you're not backing up once in a while, rather, EACH AND EVERY DAY. Also, make sure you're TESTING YOUR BACKUPS. Just because a backup takes place and a file resides in the path specified, doesn't guarantee a "good" backup. The only way to truly test a backup is to restore it at a different location. If you have a computer at home, install Liberty at home and restore your database there on a regular basis.
    Resaleworld Support

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