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Why Is Liberty Running Slowly!?

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  • Support Team
    started a topic Why Is Liberty Running Slowly!?

    Why Is Liberty Running Slowly!?

    A program running slowly is something anyone, utilizing any software product, can experience. To put this out there clearly - if you take any properly spec'd system running Windows XP or Windows Vista (or even good ole 2000), install Liberty + MS SQL Server and enter data on a daily basis, Liberty will NOT run slowly.

    This can continue on - just utilizing the computer (which has only Windows install + a PROPERLY CONFIGURED anti-virus program) for Liberty/dat aentry - and the system will run perfectly forever and ever.

    There are myriad reasons why a system with Liberty can run slowly. Here is a list of the most common reasons:

    - The system is under spec'd/has insufficient hardware. Our system requirements are outlined on our homepage -

    - The system is utilized for tasks other than Liberty. Sure it might seem harmless to let the employees utilize the system to browse the Web. The Web is a HUGE can of worms. The way viruses/Trojans work these days, you can view a picture on a Web site - yes, a picture - and become infected. Even with anti-virus software, if those products don't know about the new strain, the infection will be immediate and subtle. You won't really know you're infected and the symptoms will be subtle. It takes a VERY experienced technician to truly locate and PROPERLY eradicate an infection.

    Also, if anti-virus programs aren't properly configured, they can scan network activity in real-time, leading to delays while everything is scanned. Please check with your anti-virus product manufacturer for assistance.

    - Too many Processes are running. Utilizing a system for tasks other than running your business comes with a cost. For example, I run a little music studio at my house. The manufacturer of my pricey soundcard + the manufacturer of the production software I use are BIG on NOT using the system for ANYTHING ELSE. One cannot run anti-virus or ANY OTHER product on their system. This means the system must be tasked for just the matter at hand. That computer - a $269 Dell - has been running for nearly 3 years now. Each time I turn it on for use, it is perfect. I NEVER have an issue with this system - ever. If I want to connect it to the Internet and utilize it for things other than recording, I'm saying to myself, "let's go ahead and gamble Dean - it's worth it." I've done this for a silly little computer that lets me record music - that's not even my business/livelihood! It doesn't take a million bucks to get a solid system - nor to keep it solid.

    My hope is this thread will open up a conversation about system performance and how a system can impact Liberty. Liberty is just the train that runs your business. Your system is the "tracks." If your tracks are in question, Liberty will be adversely affected.

  • Angel Vazquez
    Liberty Running TOO slow


    Is your system running Windows Vista? We have found that turning off UAC (User Access Control) on Vista will help Liberty run faster. If this applies to you, click on your start menu then Control Panel. Double click on the User Accounts icon. Search for the box that reads turn UAC on or off. Uncheck the box to turn off then reboot when prompted.

    NOTE: This will effect Liberty from being able to export into Quickbooks. The UAC will need to be turned back on when exporting. The UAC can then be turned back off to continue running Liberty.

    Again, this only applies to users running any version Windows Vista.

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  • Jan Rooney
    Liberty Running TOO slow

    Dean - I am the only user of the computer and pretty much use e-mail other than liberty. I have only been in business since 4/1 with a new Dell computer and all of the sudden it's taking 2 to 3 times as long to inventory and yesterday it too 5 minutes to complete a sale for a customer using a store wouldn't let me scroll to enter the costomer. Also every time I log on since the program has been slow I have to accept the Liberty agreement and I didn't have to do that for the past 2 months

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