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How Do I Email An Item List?

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  • How Do I Email An Item List?

    This article provides a COMPLETE detail on how to send an Item List Email, how to configure Liberty to use your email settings and how to troubleshoot any errors/issues that might crop up along the way. This might not be the most exciting article, but if you read it in its entirety, you should be a wizard on sending and troubleshooting Item List Emails!

    One of the best features in Liberty4 Consignment is the "Item List Email" feature. To you, sending an Item List Email works almost exactly like printing a regular Item list works. You just click the Print Item List button on the left-hand side of the Inventory/Item Editor screen(s)...

    And then select Item List Email from the "Select Report" pull down menu...

    Select any parameters you would typically select when printing an Item List - e.g. "Print Only Items Received Today" - and then click "OK." You'll get one more chance to cancel before sending the email...

    Once you click "OK," the email will be sent...

    That's it! BUT, none of the above will work UNTIL you configure your email settings. This is something Resaleworld won't have information for, as only your ISP/Email Provider will know these settings. Wherever you get your email through - e.g. your local Cable/DSL Internet provider, AOL, etc. - contact them and tell them the following:

    "I use a program that sends emails for me. I need to know my SMTP information, specifically, the SMTP Server, Port #, login name/email and password."

    If the person you're speaking with doesn't IMMEDIATELY understand what you're saying, hang up and call back again. This is a VERY common feature and a call to your ISP/Email Provider should last no longer than 1 minute.

    Once you have your SMTP settings, head to Tools > eCommerce Options > Email Settings...

    Enter your SMTP information, as provided by your ISP/Email Host and then click "Apply." Liberty requires that SOME text be entered into the Item List Email, so you'll also need to head to Tools > eCommerce options > Email Headers & Footers to enter text into your Item List Header/Footer fields...

    IMPORTANT things to know...

    - If you see Error 500 Not Enough Memory, read this Message Board article to resolve that error.
    - The account/consignor you're trying to email MUST have the Receive Email option selected...

    - The account/consignor you're trying to email MUST have a valid email address on their account

    - When troubleshooting why Item List Emails aren't being sent, head to My Computer > Local Disk C: > RWD and look for a file named CRUFLido.log. Just double-click that log file to see if your ISP/Email Provider are providing detailed errors as to why emails aren't being sent.

    Should you run into any issues along the way, contact Resaleworld Technical Support. Not all issues/errors can be resolved by Resaleworld though. We can suggest different port #s, etc., but ultimately, only your ISP/Email Provider can provide these settings.
    Resaleworld Support

    ***Don't forget to search the forum first! There might already be a post that resolves your issue!***