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Problem with Voided Item

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  • Problem with Voided Item


    I have items that I have my staff put into the computer for me and then I put the pricing in the next day when I come in. There is a little green light at the bottom left hand of the screen that says "tasks" when you click into it and shows the items that "need info"....

    Well, usually when I void a item from the system, I just click and highlight the item within a customer account and click "void item" and that is that....

    There were 2 items that were entered into a customers account, that had said "need info"....we decided we were not going to take those 2 items, so we just clicked "void" and thought that was the end of that.

    But for the past few days the bottom left hand screen of liberty has the green light...When I click into it, it says
    Items that need Info -2
    [-4] Sz 10p Talbots Pants
    [-7] Sz 12 Donna Rico Dress

    These were the items we voided. If I then procede to double click into say the -4 sz 10p talbots pants, it then brings up a screen that looks like when you enter a item in, except that it says at the top "Item Editor" -- #0--1 and every field is blank.

    can I get rid of this daily task for tring to tell me to enter in the info? i dont see how I can since there is no item there to enter and it is no longer in the customer account. (customer account number was 303)


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      Here's something you can try:

      Set up a new account for that consignor and transfer all her remaining items to that account using Task, Item Maintenance, Transfer.

      Then purge all items in the original account using Tools, Maintain, Purge. (Make sure you put just that one account number in BOTH fields - a back up before you do this would be wise)

      If you want, you can transfer the items back to the original account, but either way, you will need to print new price tags, because the item numbers will be different.

      Hope it works !