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  • Need Desperate Help

    I dont have a service plan and I bought the program back of May last year. Everything was all well and Fine except today Under each pesons item ( everyones items) There is a box That says
    "Post to Web" - Fixed Price / Auction
    This is inside of every item I enter. I swear it was never there before. I thought maybe I just missed it for the past year?? But then a employee told me they never saw it before today either.....

    What could have happened without any download or update? What are these boxes for?

    Is liberty downloading update without me knowing?

    Any help would be great.

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    Sounds like you unwittingly edited your layout. Go to any consignor item and double click it to bring up the item entry screen. Then "right" click on the grey space at the bottom. This should bring up an edit layout box. Check which options you have selected. Possibly you have selected by accident the last item in the box "website"? Hope this helps.


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      The Post to Web box on each item was a “feature” that was in Liberty 2002 prior to version 1.4. With version 1.4 we took it off the item entry screen and put the Post to Web box on the account screen. Liberty has no way to automatically update (or in this case, go back to an earlier version) your system. Are you on a network? There is a possibility that the client computer is pointing to it’s own hard drive. You can email for detailed technical support, please advise your stores location.
      Thank You,
      Have a Great Day
      Valerie Bergeron


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        Hi Val,

        Thanks for the reply. I was told that the version you sold me last year did not work properly. It had a bug in it for lay-a-ways. The only way I could get it fixed was to pay for the service plan, which I did. So it is now fixed.