Tag printing with the Liberty item entry app requires the creation of a Liberty_Mobile windows user account.

The reason this account is needed is because we utilize a service called Liberty Mobile Server that by default uses the System Account which does not have access to any of your printers, normal driver assets or Liberty settings. This is under the assumption that the Liberty Mobile Admin application has been installed on your computer already.

<b>Step 1:</b>
Go to Start > Control Panel > User Accounts.

<b>Step 2:</b>
Create the Liberty_Mobile account by clicking on <b>Manage Another Account</b> and then <b>Create a new account</b>.

<b>Step 3:</b>
Type <b>Liberty_Mobile</b> within the first field, select the <b>Administrator</b> radio button and then click “Create Account”.

Then, you must select the newly created Liberty_Mobile account and click on “Create A Password”

<b>Step 4:</b>
Type in a password that is semi-secure within the two password fields and then click “Create Password”
It is important to note that we will probably only need to sign into the Liberty_Mobile account once in order to setup the printers so that the iPad item entry application can utilize them.

<b>Step 5:</b>
<h3><b>You must now log out of windows and then log back into the newly created “Liberty_Mobile” account using the password that you utilized.</b></h3>
Open Start > Devices and printers or Start > Control Panel > Devices and Printers. Right click on your specific tag printer and select printing preferences.

<b>Step 6:</b>
<B>Note: The following instructions will work with either the Zebra 2844 or any TSC tag printer as long as you are using the Seagull drivers for these printers.</B>

Select the “Page Setup” tab and ensure that orientation is set to portrait 180 then, click on advanced options. Set horizontal offset to -.06 and vertical offset to -.03 and click “OK” and then “OK” on the prior screen again.

<b>Step 7:</b>
Click on start and then within the <b>Search programs and files</b> field, type in services.msc and press the enter key on your keyboard or click on the services.msc program that appears in the list.

<b>Step 8:</b>
Search for <b>Liberty Mobile Server</b> entry within the list, it should be in alphabetical order. Right click on this service and select “Properties”. On the following screen that opens up, select the “Log On” tab and ensure that the radio button next to <b>This Account</b> is selected and type in <b> .\Liberty_Mobile</b> in the field next to it. Finally, type in your password for this account in the “Password” and the “Confirm Password” fields and click “Apply” and then “Ok”.

<b>Step 9:</b>
Right click on the <b>Liberty Mobile Server</b> entry and then select “Restart”.

<b>Step 10:</b>
Now, open your Liberty Inventory Module program and navigate to Tools > Options > Tag Printing and select “Selected Tag Styles. Make sure to select your tag styles so that the iPad can print them and then click “Ok”, then on the prior screen click “Apply” and then “Ok” again.

<b>Step 11:</b>
We need to next select an account and print a single tag to lock in the default tag printer and tag style. Simply go to print tags within the inventory section an account, select the correct tag printer and the correct tag style, then checkmark the <b>Default Tag Format</b> checkbox and print out one tag.

You should now be able to print from the Liberty Item Entry app just fine. In the event that you receive a miscellaneous error when printing from the iPad, please repeat <b>Step 9</b> and reset the Liberty Mobile Server service once more.